christian men

As you may have seen by the title, this is an episode that you want to listen to away from younger ears.  My husband, Rob, and I enjoyed dinner together with 2 other couples and then jumped into the deep end of conversation with them.  The audio sounds a little different as we sit around the dining room table with these new but dear friends.  You will recognize Karen from podcast #4 and Connie from podcast #11, where you can hear the women’s stories of being wives to men who were once enslaved by lust and acting out sinfully from this bondage.

As stated before, sexual addictions affect at least 6/10 men and 3/10 women.  With those kind of statistics, if you are not affected by this sin, please listen so that you can encourage that person in your life you know or will come to know who is struggling with, or because of, this sin. While sexual addiction is not an anomaly in the church, these men certainly are in being so courageous to speak out against and to fight the battle for other men to gain the peace, joy, and freedom found through Christ’s redemption.

Our conversation went so long that I divided it into 2 parts.  In this first part, the men share from their backgrounds and give perspective for things that can influence one to be more tempted to enslavement in this particular sin.  While they are not justifying their behavior, they know that for them to receive victory in overcoming the sin, it was necessary to identify underlying wounds and struggles that needed to be brought to Christ for healing rather than dealing with their wounds through their own sinful, sexual way.  They acknowledge the lies that they once believed so that they can allow Christ’s truth to reign in their lives instead.

I know you are going to love and be blessed by my amazing and courageous friends, the Rellos’ on the left and the Spiegels in the center (look at the joy on the faces!)  who have hearts overflowing with love for Christ and for you.

I hope our conversation gives you insight and that you will join us in the next podcast episode for the conclusion of our  conversation where the men and their wives share from their story of hope and redemption, giving wisdom for seeking God’s healing in their personal and married lives.

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Until the next time, I hope you are discovering God in greater ways, and remember, God is worthy of your trust.

For You,