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So often in January, we think of our goals for our body weight and shape and we are often deceived that our ideal body would bring us the confidence and happiness that we desire. Monica Swanson, author and blogger living in Hawaii, shares from her own life that this is simply not true.  Having been fit and active through her life, she was still wrestling for peace and looking for body image freedom. Listen as she shares keys to surrendering the struggling and finding freedom through biblical thinking and freedom to have the healthy body you want! Monica is a purposeful woman who shares not only about this issue, but many others such as parenting on her blog.  In the outtakes, I’ll let you hear a book she recommends for helping your kids avoid porn. You will have to excuse the poor sound quality on this episode – I was having problems with my microphone and had to borrow my sons gaming microphone. I think this is the one time I was happy that he does gaming! So enjoy hearing Monica’s hard-earned wisdom and balance and know that the struggle for your body image is not a fight you have to do alone……

you can find peace and freedom through seeking God in this very personal area.

If you want to connect with Monica on this or other areas such as parenting, her blog is where you can find a link to her book, ”The Secret of your Naturally Skinny Friends” and all the other places that Monica writes at. Monica  also mentions in our after-conversation the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures  for young kids and teens which helps prepare them to guard against pornography.

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Until the next time, I hope you are discovering God in greater ways, and remember, God is worthy of your trust!

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