Today’s guest is personality Erin Loechner, former stylist, and current blogger whose book, “Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path” was just released!  Erin shares in her book and in this podcast about her pursuit for a more meaningful life.  After achieving such success of a fan base of one million worldwide and working with companies such as IKEA, Walt Disney World, Martha Stewart, and top styling magazines, she was offered to work on her own network show, but turned it down. Why would she walk away from such an offer?  Erin’s book shares her journey of her husband’s brain tumor, life upheavals and loss while juggling success and public life. She shares perspective and purposefulness to renew priorities and shift focus to what matters most.

In our conversation, we talk a lot about the

** root issues to living a more simple and slow life.

Erin’s journey examined the attaining of “more or less” in life and found that her journey to

** live with peace and joy regardless of circumstances and be able to love in the everyday

was rooted in understanding how she was loved by God. In talking with Erin, I realized that living simply and purposefully is concentric as Erin shared the wisdom of

** simplifying in life so that  you have time to understand the deeper truths that actually free you to better stay on track to continue living simply and purposefully.

We talk a lot about the “whys”, getting at the roots of “Chasing Slow”, the attitudes and perspectives so that one can be successful in being motivated to turn away from the busy and knowing why you can rest.

Erin shares with wisdom and grace, as she herself is juggling work, marriage, her young daughter Bea, and their newly adopted son, Scout.

You will be refreshed and encouraged as you experienced Erin’s wisdom in areas like being realistic about juggling slow with the fast and challenging times in life and not allowing minimalism to become a master. Her perspective and encouragement in such things as making tiny shifts in attitude to bring joy were really helpful to me that it is one of the rare books that I would reread.  I know you will gain so much from her poetic and profound writing that is authentic and raw but filled with wisdom and grace.  Get her book, ” Chasing Slow ”  online or at stores, and glean more from Erin’s thoughts and style on her blog,

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Until the next time, I hope you are discovering God in greater ways, and remember, God is worthy of your trust!

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