Gloria Furman

In today’s episode, I have a co-host, Amy Jimenez, who is my church’s women’s ministry leader. We are chatting with the deep and prolific author, Gloria Furman, who is a cross-cultural worker and pastor’s wife in Dubai, as well as a mom of four kids. As this was the three of us chatting on one mic, you are going to hear a difference in sound quality.

Gloria has written over 6 books, the latest being, “Alive in Him – How being Embraced by the Love of Christ Changes Everything”.  She has also written “Missional Motherhood” and one of the sweetest books I have read,  “Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms”.  I know we can all benefit from her deep reflections on the scripture, the gospel, and grace, as well as Amy’s excellent questions.

If you would like to hear more from Gloria, go to to read her blog posts, see her beautiful Dubai and travel pictures, and get study and video helps, connect with her social media links, as well as keep up with the latest in her life.

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As it is summertime, I will be taking a 2 week break, but will be coming back with some worthwhile surprises!

Until the next time, I hope you are discovering God in greater ways, and remember, God is worthy of your trust!

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