messy friendships

Do you ever have stress in relationships? Messy friendships? Anxiety about not having enough friends, not having the right kind of friends, or just struggles in the friendships you do have?

In today’s episode, I chat with Christine Hoover, mom, pastor’s wife, writer, and author of a number of books.  Today we talk about her latest book, “Messy Beautiful Friendship”, where she shares her wisdom in pursuing and enjoying deep and meaningful friendships.

I think Christine’s points can also apply to all types of relationships and the principles of healthy friendships shared here and in Christine’s book are foundational to building healthy churches, healthy communities, and what we need to remember when we are trying to bridge our country’s critical level of social divides.

In this conversation, Christine shares:

* barriers to building healthy friendships

* definitions of ideal, typical, and biblical friendships

* what a friend really wants

* what is key to understanding someone

* how to be purposeful with friendships

* the value of being vulnerable

* advice for when a friendship takes a bad turn

and so much more!

Friends, I think you are going really relate to this chat and are going to want to pick up Christine’s book and read it yourself.  There is so much more that we couldn’t cover and this book is such a great tool to open up dialogue if you read it with one or an entire group!

Christines website is and you can find links to her social media and books there as well.

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Until the next time, I hope you are discovering God in greater ways, and remember, God is worthy of your trust!

For You,