Cop's wife & race relations

In today’s episode, I chat with Tammy Sapp, a cop’s wife who has found a beautiful way to begin bridging the gap in race relations.  I know you will be inspired at her ability to apply the gospel to everyday life in a genuine way.  Tammy has such an amazing way of prioritizing and being purposeful with her life to glorify Christ.  If you are a cop, a cop’s spouse, or a teacher like Tammy has been, you will be encouraged.  Even if you are not one of these professions, you will be inspired to see opportunities to have an authentic impact that is significant and you are going to be encouraged that your life can make a difference in ways that you don’t even realize at the time.  Stay tuned at the end for an out take  if you want to hear Tammy’s tips for balancing life with what matters.

I love the quote Tammy shared from Young Lives, “Earn the right to be heard” and I think we as Christians need to take the opportunity to reach out on both sides of the gap to show what the gospel looks like in everyday life.  If you know a cop, a cop’s spouse, or a teacher, could you please share this podcast episode with them? You can look into Young Lives, a branch of Young Life ministries, as well as National Night Out for opportunities to minister. While these organizations are not solely for racial relations, you may find opportunities within to help bridge gaps.

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