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As you may have seen by the title, this is part 2 of an episode – and my favorite part of our conversation – that you want to listen to away from younger ears.  My husband, Rob, and I enjoyed dinner together with 2 other couples and then jumped into the deep end of conversation with them.  The audio sounds a little different as we sit around the dining room table with these new but dear friends.  You will recognize Karen from podcast #4 and Connie from podcast #11, where you can hear the women’s stories of being wives to men who were once enslaved by lust and acting out sinfully from this bondage.

In this episode, you will hear about whose responsibility it is to repair the marriage,, considerations for getting help and counseling, as well as practical tips for guarding against temptation. Links for resources they mention are:

Karen’s website,,  shares her testimony, favorite scriptures, book recommendations, and how women can get in touch with her for marriage counseling.

The organization that helped Karen and Connie’s husbands is Every Man’s Battle .

Connie is a Certified Professional Coach, and a trauma coach for partners of sex addicts through APSATS (The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists) – for counseling or resources, connect with her at  –

Other sites recommended: and

Filters recommended by Bob:  and K-9

Since you don’t have the benefit of having seen the faces of John and Bob while the women were talking, I want to tell you that it so blessed my heart to see them nodding their heads in agreement when their wives were talking and being so empathetic and supportive of what their wives were saying.  These are men who have truly been redeemed and renewed by the grace and power of Christ.  I love how they champion this cause for the sake of bringing glory to God, testimony to His power of redemption, and help to others.

I know you, too,  are going to love and be blessed by my amazing and courageous friends who have hearts overflowing with love for Christ and for you, whether you are in the midst of a similar struggle or when you encounter someone else who is.

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I hope our conversation gives you insight, compassion, and wisdom.

For You,