Shauna Shanks

Hey!  Welcome to Season 2 of Spark Stories!  This season there is a line up of stories that you absolutely will not want to miss and I am beyond excited to share them with you!

Today’s episode so greatly reflects the gospel as Shauna Shanks, author of the newly released book, “ A Fierce Love”,  pursues God and his redemption when her husband, Micah, asks her for a divorce.  Even if you are not going through a similar situation or God is not directing you to a similar response in a broken marriage, you will want to listen to hear God’s faithfulness in times of hardship and Shauna’s wisdom that can be applied to any relationship needing reconciliation.  You will want to see:

*how she actually protects her husband while he is betraying her.

*how she responds to her husband with love

*who she decides to confide in

*a vision of how to be a friend and support someone going through a hard time.

No matter what your situation, Shauna and Micah’s story will bless you as you see a reflection of God’s Fierce Love for us.  It is honestly breathtaking.  I know Shauna’s story is going to encourage you for your future hardships, and help you to be a blessing to others in their suffering! Again, Shauna is wise in giving proper context that God’s direction for her marriage is not necessarily the same for everyone. But what is the same for everyone is finding a deeper experience of intimacy with God and joy regardless of trials.

Please look for Shauna’s book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble – you will gain so much more as you see the details of God’s handiwork and better understand the wisdom and beauty in this story.   You can read more from Shauna on her blog, and follow her on social media on Facebook and instagram.

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Until the next time, I hope you are discovering God in greater ways, and remember, God is worthy of your trust!