Traveling is not just a different game now, but one that the rules keep changing.  This spring had some anxiety producing TSA wait times, and although there was improvement over the summer, the holidays bring in large numbers in a short time with all of us already running on adrenaline jitters, and TSA juggling theories of what is going to help you safely get to your flight on time.

Here’s some quick travel tips if you are traveling via plane this holiday season:

1: ASK TSA!   i know, right?! But here’s something else to throw you: did you know that TSA has a social media team that answers questions on Twitter (@Ask-TSA) or Facebook.  And yes, responses actually do come in a couple of hours…so you don’t want to wait to ask when you are in the security line!

2: ENROLL IN PRECHECK: So worth the money to relieve stress and time pressures.  And definitely worth it if you travel 3 or more times a year. $85/year? No brainer. For more details, check here

3: PICK YOUR CHECKPOINT CAREFULLY: At some airports, there are different security lines that get you to your gate. We can attest to our airport having vastly different wait times and usually the out-of-the-way ones are much shorter. What might be a bit longer of a walk is well worth it for the much shorter wait time.  In a smaller airport when we are in a pinch for time, we can divide, find the shorter line and text our party to join us at the shorter line. Or you may see an airport guide who will know the checkpoint with the shorter line.

4: HOLLER FOR HELP: If you are seriously risking missing your flight, don’t be shy to let the airline workers know – they are able to move you to the front of the screening line. Don’t you feel less stress just knowing that?!

5: DON’T WRAP PRESENTS: Cuz you won’t like it when TSA insists on unwrapping it to check it.

6: ALLOW EXTRA TIME: OK, this is the one that you probably already knew, but be reassured that you were right in thinking this.  Despite TSA’s improvements for crowd control, nothing can ever be fully anticipated and no one needs more stress during the holidays.

Thanks, Scott McCartney/WSJ for the great travel tips!

Was there something not mentioned? Any other travel tips you want to share?

Hope those help and that you have a wonderful holiday season, traveling or at home.

For You,